Are Prisoners Taking advantage of Home Based Businesses


Today's prisons are extremely overcrowded and with crime on the rise, it will no doubly become worse.  Many people are going to jail for petty crimes like shoplifting from grocery stores, possessing stolen scrap metal, siphoning gasoline from a truck, leaving their kids unattended in a car while going to a job interview.  Some of these offenses are petty and but can come with a pretty hefty sentence if found guilty in some cases.

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But one inmate and a few others like him are using jail as a way to get rich.  Prisoner number #724576 is becoming a very wealthy inmate. I'll call him Yasir just to protect his identity.  Yasir went to jail in 2011 for grand theft auto, armed robbery and, conspiracy. He was sentenced to 15 years with the possibility of parole in 2020 with good behavior.

When Yasir was sentenced he was newly married to his longtime high school sweetheart.  They had 2 kids and his wife was 5 months pregnant with their new baby girl.  With Yasir in prison, Chandra had to fend for herself and their 3 young children. Or so she thought she did.  

About a year went by and Yasir was trying to overturn his sentence but to no avail. Things we becoming dismal and bleak and Yasir was becoming depressed.  Chandra was a very devoted wife and she loved her husband but the fact remained he was in jail and unable to help with life's struggles. Chandra took 2 jobs both part time but she is a mother and mother's usually don't abandon their children.  Yasir was stressed and heartbroken over his family.  Nothing was working until one day he overheard a guard talking about a work at home business that was paying off heavily.  The guard was very happy about the choice he made to get involved with this business and was considering retiring early. The pay he was getting was more than he was making as a correctional officer. And never thought he would see retirement so early.

Yasir decided that it wouldn't hurt to ask the guard about his new business just to see if he was just blowing smoke but it turned out that it was a legit business.  The father of 3 yarned to help his wife and children so he decided to do some research on the company to find out if he could get involved in prison.  His finding was the same as the guard was stating but now he was more determined than ever because he could see the value in being apart of a home-based business.  Computers were a new thing to inmates and their usage was strictly monitored.  Some inmates had a Facebook account and limited access to google but not much more than that was available nor was the time they are able to use it.  Yasir couldn't shake the feeling that he was missing out on a huge opportunity.

In the fall of 2013 Chandra, we to visit him and brought all the things he asked her to bring.  Chandra was tired from her daily life and was in need of a break.  So seeing Yasir was good for her although she had mixed feelings.  He was happy to see her and was in need of a warm hug.  Their visit went well and help bring a sense of relief for the couple.  Yasir sent Chandra home with instructions to sign up for the work at home opportunity.  She signed them up and it was a real godsend.  Yasir began promoting the business from jail writing little notes that could be used through local advertising websites like Craigslist and other help platforms ads via his wife would have to actually post them for him.  Sales were rolling in and Chandra was no longer a skeptic, in fact, she decided that she is going to quit working all together and concentrate full time on working her home-based business.  Although Yasir never personally got the money his wife Chandra did.  And that, in turn, helped him.  He was proud that he could do so much with so little but the only piece that is missing is his freedom.  

This story is fictional but many people live every day with struggles that are tremendous to overcome. 70% of American's live paycheck to paycheck.  But with the right attitude and motivation behind your goals, you can achieve almost anything.  If you found this story inspirational or in need of some extra income please feel free to comment below "more info" and I will send you information about how to start your own home-based business.

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